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An appealing smile plays to your favor in many of life’s social settings. This is even more important for people who work in sales, face-to-face customer service or other careers that call for direct personal interaction. A tooth that suffers from discolored tooth enamel, a mismatched filling, a chip or other visible imperfection can severely hamper your self-confidence.

One of the most effective ways to cosmetically restore an unappealing tooth’s appearance is to have Drs. Brandon and Feleppelle replace the tooth enamel with a porcelain dental crown.

To mount the crown, your dentists will first need to form an abutment out of the core of the tooth by removing all of the enamel with a drill. This post-like structure will later anchor the crown in your mouth.

Your dentists will then make a detailed impression of the area. This will be sent to a dental lab where your new crown will be custom made. A temporary crown will then be secured over the abutment to protect it while you await the completion of your crown.

A member of our staff will call you in for a brief follow-up appointment when the lab technician has completed the porcelain crown. The temporary crown will be removed and your new crown will be cemented into place.

If you need to have an unappealing tooth cosmetically restored with a dental crown in Brecksville, Ohio, you should call 440-526-8688 to schedule an appointment at our office.