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Sleep apnea is a serious respiratory disorder afflicting an estimated 40 million Americans each year. It is primarily caused by issues with the soft palate slipping toward the back of the throat. This results in significant snoring complications and potential issues with breathing interruption while you’re sleeping.

Poor sleep quality has an adverse effect on your quality of life. Having your sleep apnea accurately diagnosed will help determine the best treatment strategy. If you suffer from severe sleep apnea in Brecksville, Ohio, you might need to sleep with a CPAP device. However, if your sleep apnea issues are minor to moderate in severity, a prescription snore guard from your dentist, Dr. Edward Brandon, might do the trick.

Thermoplastic snore guards are made from a special type of polymer material that softens when heated. This allows you to custom shape it to the unique shape and features of your mouth. You simply place it in simmering water. Once it becomes pliable, you take it out of the water, allow a moment for it to cool, and then bite down firmly. The snore guard will contort into shape and then harden as it cools.

The soft thermoplastic unit helps hold your mouth and soft palate in the ideal positions for improved passage of air and a good night’s rest.

You should clean and refresh the snore guard each morning by rinsing it under lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water as this can cause the thermoplastic material to deform and will require you to refit the snore guard. Then, dry the snore guard thoroughly with a clean paper towel and inspect it for any signs of wear and tear.

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