Crown or Filling? First, Get a Crown Lengthening

Before you get a filling or crown put in, your periodontist may inform you need a crown lengthening. What’s a crown lengthening you ask? It’s a simple procedure to make room for a dental fix if the gum is overlapping the tooth where a fix can’t be made. Another reason the gum is overlapping is… Read more »

Dental Fillings Remove Cavities and Repair Smiles

Dental fillings remove cavities and repair smiles. If tooth decay has occurred to the level that your tooth enamel has a significant amount of dental erosion, a hole may have formed in a tooth, called a cavity. To prevent infection and tooth loss, the cavity must be filled in with a dental filling, which is… Read more »

Whitening Toothpaste Can Help Remove Surface Stains After a Bleaching Treatment

Simple things like dark foods, dark beverages and tobacco use can make minor surface stains set into the surfaces of your teeth. If they’re not removed in a timely manner, these minor dental stains can start to permeate deeper and deeper into your tooth enamel. In a situation like this, your most effective method for… Read more »

How to Treat Teeth Grinding

Have you ever heard of bruxism, also known as teeth grinding? As you may know, some people grind their teeth when they’re nervous. However, did you know that teeth grinding could actually cause a number of serious oral health problems? For instance, if you grind your teeth, you could actually crack or chip your teeth…. Read more »

Common Questions About Teeth Healthy Foods and Snacks

Although there are many foods that can easily damage your teeth and gums, there are also many foods that can help protect your mouth. Protect your teeth and strengthen your tooth enamel with a healthy diet. Listed below are some common questions about tooth-healthy foods and snacks: What are the benefits of eating healthy foods?… Read more »

How to Find Out If You Need a Root Canal

Severe tooth decay can not only put a damper on your smile, but it can also inflict serious damage to your teeth’s enamel. In cases where a large portion of the enamel has suffered decay, the tooth may not have enough healthy enamel left on which to anchor a filling. The infection may have also… Read more »

What Causes Bruxism?

Did you know that bruxism can lead to the breakdown of tooth enamel? Although we often associate tooth enamel loss to plaque and its effects on sugars and carbohydrates, it is possible to wear down your tooth enamel through the process of grinding, chewing, and clenching your teeth, even when asleep. Bruxism can wear away… Read more »

Have a Tooth Knocked Out? Here’s What We Want You to Do

The value you place on your smile is shared by those of us at our office. It’s our job to help preserve your smile and help you in the case of dental emergencies. If you are in a situation that happens to knock out a tooth, you should be aware there are certain steps you… Read more »

A Porcelain Crown Can Cosmetically Restore an Unappealing Tooth

An appealing smile plays to your favor in many of life’s social settings. This is even more important for people who work in sales, face-to-face customer service or other careers that call for direct personal interaction. A tooth that suffers from discolored tooth enamel, a mismatched filling, a chip or other visible imperfection can severely… Read more »

A Thermoplastic Snore Guard Can Help Reduce Sleep Apnea Complications

Sleep apnea is a serious respiratory disorder afflicting an estimated 40 million Americans each year. It is primarily caused by issues with the soft palate slipping toward the back of the throat. This results in significant snoring complications and potential issues with breathing interruption while you’re sleeping. Poor sleep quality has an adverse effect on… Read more »