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Before you get a filling or crown put in, your periodontist may inform you need a crown lengthening. What’s a crown lengthening you ask? It’s a simple procedure to make room for a dental fix if the gum is overlapping the tooth where a fix can’t be made. Another reason the gum is overlapping is because of a broken tooth or a lost crown/filling.

Our staff here at Edward S. Brandon DDS Inc want to provide the best care for you and your teeth by giving you all the information you need before you get your dental fix. With a recovery of around three months, we want to give you the information you need.

How much soft tissue or bone to extricate will be determined by your medical history and x-rays, and a temporary crown or teeth cleaning may be needed before the procedure. The procedure includes cutting the gums down around the tooth until the roots and bone are exposed. After this is done, the area will be decontaminated with salt water, stitched together, and finally bandaged.

Post-surgery, you may want to softly place ice on the side of the surgical procedure, eat a diet consisting of small, soft and tender foods, and use written treatments and mouthwash prescribed by your periodontist. Make sure to avoid the gums while brushing and use a small water irrigator to remove food particles.

After a week or so, your stitches will be taken out. A visit to your periodontist will assess your healing process, and if you are using the correct methods of healing, a three-month recovery will be in your view.

Dr. Edward Brandon and his trained professionals here in Brecksville, Ohio, want to provide the best possible information and treatment for your smile. Call us at 440-526-8688 to schedule an appointment or consultation for you today concerning crown lengthening or any dental fix you may need!