Nurturing Dental Care In Brecksville, Ohio and Surrounding Areas

The presence of a cleft lip or cleft palate can affect your child’s oral development and ability to eat and speak normally. Our dentist and team can aid your child in his or her dental growth by providing treatments for cleft lips and cleft palates in Brecksville, Ohio. To learn more about your child’s options, please contact Edward S. Brandon DDS Inc to speak with our caring team.

As many as one in 700 newborns experience cleft lips and cleft palates. These oral birth defects commonly occur simultaneously. In essence, a cleft lip is a separation of two sides of the lip and a cleft palate is a hole in the root of the mouth caused by the two sides of the palate failing to fuse during fetal development. If a child does not receive corrective treatment, he or she can struggle with a speech impediment, feeding issues, hearing loss, ear infections, and dental issues and diseases.

The good news is that both cleft lip and cleft palate are highly treatable conditions. Our dentist will evaluate your child’s condition and dental structure to determine the best possible treatment so that your child can enjoy a strong, wholesome smile that will continue to develop properly. You are welcome to contact our office to schedule your child’s oral exam and initial consultation.