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Dental fillings remove cavities and repair smiles. If tooth decay has occurred to the level that your tooth enamel has a significant amount of dental erosion, a hole may have formed in a tooth, called a cavity. To prevent infection and tooth loss, the cavity must be filled in with a dental filling, which is routinely either a dental amalgam or tooth-colored composite. Listed below are some of the wonderful benefits and comparisons of the two main types of dental fillings:

– Both amalgams and composites can wear out or fail over time, but composites do not need to be removed if they fail. Instead, a new one can be applied and put on directly over the original.

– Although the levels of mercury in dental amalgams is low, you can avoid mercury altogether with composite fillings, which are mercury free.

– If you are looking for tooth-colored shine in your fillings, composites are the obvious choice as dental amalgams leave a metallic shine.

– The size of your cavity plays a significant role as to which type of filling treatment will work best. For large cavities, dental amalgams tend to be more durable.

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