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The most common types of tooth damage in the root and pulp are caused by an intruding cavity, cracked tooth, or injury to the tooth. This can be fixed with a root canal! Many myths surround root canal therapy, but it’s an unpainful procedure made possible with modern technology and advancements.

Dr. Edward Brandon and our dental associates work to give you your best smile. Root canal therapy is one of the services we offer so you can preserve your natural tooth. In order to restore your natural tooth’s health, these are the steps we take to get rid of infection and give you your best smile back.

First, an anesthetic is administered and a dental dam made of rubber is put in your mouth to prevent the tooth from getting dirty or wet. An opening on the crown for molars/pre-molars or behind the tooth for front teeth is made with small tools.

Your dentist then clears the infected roots and pulp from the chamber in your natural tooth, afterwards washing it out with water and letting it dry. They will then apply an antimicrobial solution to kill remaining bacteria.

Gutta percha (a rubbery, tapered material) is used to fill the empty chamber and sealed with dental cement. A plastic or metal rod will be placed inside for support as well if needed. A permanent crown is then placed on the opening to protect your tooth from any exposure or further infection.

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