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Severe tooth decay can not only put a damper on your smile, but it can also inflict serious damage to your teeth’s enamel. In cases where a large portion of the enamel has suffered decay, the tooth may not have enough healthy enamel left on which to anchor a filling. The infection may have also spread down into the roots of the tooth and a root canal could be needed.

To find out if that’s the case your dentist, Dr. Edward Brandon will perform a series of x-rays on the infected tooth to see if the roots have been affected. If the x-rays do show that the infection has spread into the roots, it is likely a root canal is necessary.

Dr. Edward Brandon will assess the roots to find out how much of it has been infected. Then, he will remove the decayed enamel with a drill. This creates an opening from which the infected portion of the roots will be extracted. The roots are then replaced with a rubbery plug. At this point, an abutment is created for a crown to go into.

To create your crown, an impression of your tooth is taken and sent to a dental lab. The lab then creates the crown from the impression. You will need to visit your dentist a second time for this permanent crown to be cemented in place. The crown not only replaces the lost enamel but also restores full function of your mouth.

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