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Taking care of your mouth includes making sure you’re following the necessary oral health care hygiene routines and maximizing their effects. This includes washing out your mouth as often as possible. If there’s any debris that lingers on your teeth and gums, it can slowly do damage over time. Thus, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day. However, your brush cannot clean between your teeth. Instead, an interdental cleaner such as dental floss will need to be used. Only a combination of brushing and flossing tools and techniques can keep your smile adequately be kept safe from all areas in which bacteria and food debris can linger.

When focusing on your oral health care in regard to brushing your teeth, try to brush around two to three minutes each session twice a day. When brushing your teeth, use gentle strokes and try to aim for a 45-degree angle. However, turn your brush vertical for your front teeth. Make sure to clean all sides and areas of a tooth including the chewing surfaces. When storing your toothbrush, always place it in an area where it will not become a victim of contamination. This includes away from other toothbrushes. Similarly, never use anyone else’s toothbrush.

How effective are your flossing routines? If you aren’t already doing so, try to focus on flossing for two minutes each session by cleaning between each and every tooth including behind your back row. For additional help, speak with your dentist about product recommendations or suggestions. If traditional flossing materials prove to be too difficult to use, consider using a thread-free interdental cleaner. This can include a water flosser, which uses beams of water instead of thread.

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