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A key facet of oral health care is flossing your teeth every day. However, for older individuals and others, traditional thread may not be the most efficient or effective means of accomplishing the task of cleaning between teeth. In this case, consider opting in for water flossers instead.

For a list of guidelines concerning water flossing, consider this:

– Water flossers do not use standard thread for cleaning between teeth, but rather use water to shoot away debris and plaque buildup.
– Water flosser quality can vary between brands, so look for those products that feature the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance for safety and effectiveness.
– Water flossers can reach areas that dental floss cannot when a previous oral health procedure hinders its path, including dental bridges, crowns, orthodontic aligners, and dentures.
– Water flossers are a revolutionary variety of interdental cleaner designed to safely clean between teeth.
– Water flossers are fashioned to be easier to operate than traditional dental floss would be for those who struggle with joint and muscle ailments due to disorders or old age.

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