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Our team at Edward S. Brandon DDS Inc is eager to provide oral and maxillofacial treatment for patients who are struggling with tooth and bone loss and need to receive restorative care. Among the treatment we can provide, we offer sinus lifts for greater upper jawbone health. We offer an overview of sinus lift purpose and how the procedure is performed to allow for dental implant placement.

You may need to undergo a sinus lift if you meet any of the following criteria:

– Significant loss of bone in the upper jaws following an oral accident or advanced gum disease
– An upper jawbone that has insufficient height
– Sinuses that are close together and impede the function of other oral treatments

Our dentists performs sinus lifts to correct weakened or insufficient bone structure in the upper jawbone where the maxillary sinus is found. This is an empty space that is located behind the cheeks and above the upper teeth, where the sinuses sit on either side of the nose. The occurrence of upper tooth loss not only affects your smile but can also cause the upper jaw to deteriorate and lose bone structure, inhibiting dental implant placement.

The basic sinus lift process involves using a bone graft material to build up the bone structure and add height and density to enable a dental implant to remain firmly in place. Following the procedure, which we will perform as comfortably as possible, our experienced team will work with you to provide aftercare instructions to enhance the success of your procedure.

Contact our office at 440-526-8688 today if you are interested in receiving a sinus lift in Brecksville, Ohio, and would like to discuss the procedure with Dr. Edward Brandon.