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If you are looking to restore or conceal a damaged or broken tooth, two highly effective options are dental crowns or dental veneers. However, which one is the better choice? Even though they can both upgrade and enhance the look of your smile, they function in different ways with different benefits to accomplish the task. Knowing which treatment you desire is often dependent upon the results you require.

Dental veneers are thin, durable treatment devices that are connected directly to the fronts of teeth to conceal any abnormalities. Although it won’t fully enclose and shield a tooth like a dental crown can, veneers are still extremely popular due to the ability to customize them to nearly any smile. In addition, they can give teeth a sparkling shine and whiteness that is sure to please, and easily outpaces what is often possible with natural teeth.

Dental crowns are a terrific option if a tooth is so severely damaged it runs the risk of being pulled with a tooth extraction. In some instances, a tooth can be sealed with a crown to avoid further damage from occurring. Furthermore, crowns can return lost functions to teeth that may have been altered, including its ability to chew. Even though dental crowns can give your smile a better look, their primary purpose is to protect teeth and restore function.

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