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Our dentists and team can achieve a clear and highly accurate picture of your oral health through the use of dental X-rays. This image enables us to have a complete understanding of your dental needs so that we can provide the appropriate approach to dental care. Dental X-rays are used to perform a variety of preventive and comprehensive roles to provide better oral care for your smile.

Here are some important uses for taking a dental X-ray:

– Identifying the development of tooth decay between two teeth
– Determining if you have suffered bone loss due to gum disease
– Scanning the quality of dental fillings to detect any tooth decay
– Evaluating the severity of dental infection surrounding the tip of a tooth root
– Evaluating your smile as a whole before beginning dental treatment

You can receive a few different types of dental X-rays during your visit, including:

– Bitewing X-rays, which reveal the structure of the tooth from crown to bone
– Periapical X-rays, which show the tooth as a whole from crown to root
– Occlusal X-rays, which look at your entire arches and both the upper and lower jaws

Our office offers many beneficial technologies to help you have a better understanding of your oral health. You are welcome to contact our office at 440-526-8688 today to speak with our dentists, Dr. Brandon and Dr. Feleppelle, about any questions or would like to receive further information about dental X-rays in Brecksville, Ohio.